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05 May 2022

After a splendid midday of work on Friday 29th April, the administration, lecturers and workers of PUCA decided to celebrate the International Labour Day which is normally celebrated every 1st May all over the world. It was at the sophisticated hall of the Library of the school where every worker assembled to have a moment of relaxation, fellowship, exchange and encouragement for the good work done so far.

It started with a spirit filled exaltation with songs and word of spirit upliftment which encouraged us to live in unity with one another, always tried to put in their best as to ease the flow of good work and most of all, love the Lord our God and love one another as the Supreme God commands His children to do.

UPAC 1er MAI 2022We received words of thank you from the Secretary General Rev Prof. Samuel Frouissou for the great job every worker has been doing so far and encouraged the workers to continue working in the same spirit of love, togetherness, dynamism and maintains an open ear to worries of the people.

The Rector of PUCA Rev Prof. Bouba Mbima in his usual opened and joyful way cheered us all for the committed work done, pointed out some shortcomings and ended up emphasizing on love, peace and togetherness under God’s strength and protection. A brief exchange between the administration and workers paved the way as they shared their worries and were been given satisfactory response. A word of prayer walked them to the table for a moment of refreshment and fellowship.

We continue the journey of faith in hard work and unison for the advance of PUCA and a better tomorrow.


Reportage de la CRTV          (1066) The Midday Bilingual News of April 30, 2022 on CRTV - YouTube 


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