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05 May 2022

World Malaria Day is annually observed on April 25th around the globe to raise awareness about the pandemic that has continue to claim lives and send millions of people on sick beds.

JOURNEE MONDIALE DE LUTTE CONTRE LE PALU 2022 PLAQUE 1Celebrated this year 2022 under the theme “Harness Innovation to Reduce the Malaria Disease Burden and Save Lives”, WHO calls for the investment and innovation that will bring new vector control approaches like insecticides, more effective medicines and other tools to speed the pace progress against malaria. It says no single tool is available to solve the problem of this deadly disease. Cameroon being among the 15 highest burden malaria country with 3% of global cases and 3% of malaria death in 2019 makes it the most widespread pandemic disease in Cameroon. On its part, PUCA uses this celebration as an opportunity to raise voices in unison to keep malaria high on the global agenda by raising a sense of urgency and to communicate the importance of respecting preventive measures and well as keeping our environment clean which is PUCA’s strong point. PUCA calls upon the citizens of Cameroon and the globe to fight against this dreaded disease keeping our environments clean, respecting preventive measures like draping mosquito nets over beds when sleeping, treat clothing, mosquito tents and other fabrics with any insect repellent (Permethrin) and also take vaccinations while waiting on the Supreme God to keep us safe from this disease.

Reportage de la CRTV          (1066) The Midday Bilingual News of April 30, 2022 on CRTV - YouTube


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